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Notice for current subscribers to the Printed version of Areopagus Magazine
Until such time as the Coronavirus allows us to print and distribute our magazine, we are suspending the printed edition but continuing with the Ezine edition. We will therefore be sending out a free quarterly Ezine to everyone who is currently subscribed to the printed version of Areopagus, for the time being, instead of the printed copy. In order to do this, we will need your up to date email address, so please could you get in touch with us by clicking here or to: . If you don't have an email address or device, you could ask a friend to request this copy so they can print it out for you. If so they can click on the link and tell us in the body of the message that they are asking to receive the Ezine version  on your behalf until our normal printed service is back (they can still keep the Ezine, on us!)
Notice to existing Ezine Subscribers
As the Ezine is produced and sent via email, these restrictions will not affect you and the quarterly issues of Areopagus will be sent to you as normal. 

A brief history of the magazine
Areopagus was founded in 1990, as a special-interest publication for Christian writers. The magazine is run as a Small Press publication,  with an editorial team based in various parts of the UK. We also have a  USA representative on the team. 
Areopagus is a quarterly 32 page A4 sized Magazine. There is also an Ezine version, produced using the same layout and content,  available at lower cost. We publish subscribers' fiction, poetry and articles, as well as Letters to the Editor and occasional book reviews, and other features as they are developed.
The general ethos of Areopagus is evangelical Christian, however our subscribers include people from a wide church background, including Catholics and Anglicans. There are also a number of ministers in our readership. We are currently developing new regular features including various technical aspects of creative and fiction writing, to supplement the poetry which has been popular for many years.
For more details on what we can offer subscribers, please see our Further information page.

Julian Barritt




Please note that due to current Corinavirus restrictions we are unable to provide Printed Versions of our publication at the present time. The Ezine version is still available for subscription however.






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